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Quilted Blanket Fort Day

Remember when you were a kid and you made blanket forts?  It was a place to hide away and hang out, a place to relax and forget about your troubles.  Well, with all of the trying circumstances we are all dealing with these days, a bunch of my fellow quilt designers decided we needed those cozy forts again!  They declared September 1st to be "quilted blanket fort day" and encouraged us all to pull out our quilts, make forts and share pictures of our little hideaways using the hashtag #quiltedblanketfort.

To make my fort, I had to figure out where to put it and what to support it with.  As it so happens,  I got a longarm machine recently and had the brilliant idea to use it for my fort.  Plenty of space and too funny not to do it!  Then I pulled out some quilts and covered up most of the machine.

That was quick and easy!  So my fort was up and ready for use.  Now what did I want to put in it?  Since this was going to be an "adult" fort, laying on the floor was out of the question.  My old, achy joints wouldn't enjoy that at all.  Then I thought of the lounge patio chairs we had out in the shed, so I ran out to get one.  It fit in the fort perfectly! Yes!

For some added ambiance, I set up a box fan to simulate some balmy breezes.   (If you can't be at the beach, you can at least pretend, right?)

I needed some snacks for my little retreat, so I rummaged around in the kitchen and came up with some pecans and dried cranberries.  Yum!  I grabbed a bottle of water too to wash my treats down.  For a little side table, I placed a lap tray next to the lounge chair.  Perfect size for my snacks and a couple of quilting magazines!

I added a clip light in the fort for easy reading and I was all set!  Time to crawl into my fort and enjoyed myself!  Ahhhh, so relaxing...I may just stay here for a while...


  • Yes, Karen, the longarm was definitely a much easier way to set up the fort! It was a little tricky getting in and out of it though, especially for an old lady. Haha!

    Your Sewing Friend
  • I love this! We have a 2 year old granddaughter and I have done the same thing with her. Nothing better than a blanket fort – thank goodness for longarm machines – much easier than the stools, broomsticks and clothespins from my childhood 😏

    Karen E Overton

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